National Careers Week

National Careers Week 5 - 9th March 2018

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To mark National Careers Week, we have guests presenting some special assemblies for Years 7-11 – see below.  If your son would like to attend an assembly outside of his year group, please ask him to come and see Mrs Jonas at the front of school

Monday 5th March – Year 11 –  Unifrog (Online tool for university & apprenticeships)

Tuesday 6th March – Year 7 and 8 – Army (General careers talk)

Wednesday 7th March –  Sporting Futures – Year 9 – Training in sports coaching

Thursday 8th March – Raytheon Careers – Year 10 - Technology and innovation leader specializing in defence, civil government and cybersecurity solutions

Any students in Years 11, 12 & 13 who might be interested in talking to Raytheon about their careers programme can come to a special session after school as the speaker has agreed to stay on and discuss opportunities available at Raytheon, plus there’ll be some information on their exciting new sponsored degree programme. Please can students go to Room 1 at 3.30pm (Thursday 8th March).

Years 7-11 will also be doing an exercise with form tutors on personality types which I hope will prompt some thought and discussion on future careers – do please ask your son about the activity and outcomes


National Apprenticeship Week 5th - 9th March 2018 

A Parent's Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships these days come in all shapes and sizes. With an apprenticeship, your child could train to be a solicitor, engineer, journalist, pharmacist or graphic designer - and that's just for starters. The best thing is, they get paid a wage, and any qualifications they take - including a degree - are funded by the employer.


Take a look at this short video for a quick overview:   


What are Apprenticeships?

All About Apprenticeships: What Is An Apprenticeship?

The Most Common Myths about Apprenticeships

How Much Is The Apprenticeship Wage?

What Are The Different Types of Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships Vs University

What is your preferred option, and why? Find out about higher and degree apprenticeships, and think about how they compare to university. When might a higher/degree apprenticeship be the best option, and when might university make a better choice?

Should I Apply For An Apprenticeship Or University?

Higher Apprenticeships: Should I Do One Instead Of University?

Degree Apprenticeships: What Are They And Are They For Me?


Apprenticeships in Different Industries

Apprenticeships are available in a huge range of industries and career paths - students will definitely be surprised by the choice out there. Ask your students what kinds of jobs they associate with apprenticeships, then get them to research the options that are actually available. Ask them to list 3 apprenticeships they didn't know about but which could be relevant to them.

Apprenticeships in different industries

Unusual Apprenticeships

Explore some of the more unexpected apprenticeship options; the choice of apprenticeships is expanding far beyond what you might expect

5 Cool Degree Apprenticeships You Could Start in 2018

Unusual Apprenticeships

Finding an Apprenticeship

Proactive searching is the best way to find the most suitable apprenticeships. Instead of relying on Find An Apprenticeship, students should find out about employers offering apprenticeship schemes that appeal to them, and actively check back for opportunities and sign up to mailing lists where possible. Local council websites can sometimes be a good resource for apprenticeships available in the area.

How to find an apprenticeship


Claire Jonas
Careers Advisor Years 7-11