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New challenges

Bushcraft, work experience & hot weather

Date published: Mon 19 Jun 2017   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

With Year 7 heading off for Bushcraft very early this morning and Years 10 and 12 both out on work experience this week, school feels relatively quiet. Both of these activities will provide the students with challenges, which we hope they will meet with confidence and maturity, and will also help to build their resilience and ability to take on responsibility.

Whilst the temperature is particularly high, students will not be required to wear their blazers/jackets around school and have been told they can place them in their bags or lockers during the school day for today and tomorrow. They will still be required to wear them to school each morning, as we will reassess each morning. The rest of the uniform expectations will remain in place, so ties must be worn properly and shirts tucked in at all times.

Kind regards,

Mr Reeve